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Bioinformatics Applications to Human Disease (MED263)

Course Description

This elective is offered as a 4 unit course in the Winter quarter with lectures on Tuesday afternoons (14:00-16:00) and computer practicals on Thursday afternoons (14:00-16:00). This course will cover the latest advances in bioinformatics as they relate to human health, infectious diseases and pathogens. Students will be provided with the practical skills to implement what they have learned in class. Specifically, when the course is finished, students will be able to investigate the evolution of human pathogens, determine the mechanism of human disease, and construct diagnostic classifiers. Graduate students may enroll online via TritonLink.

Course Information

Number MED263
Directors Sergei Kosakovsky Pond, Jason A. Young, Konrad Scheffler, Joel O. Wertheim
TAs Shamim Mollah, Nathan Mih
Quarter Winter
Start date January 6th, 2015
End date March 19th, 2015
Days Tuesdays & Thursdays
Time 2:00 to 4:00 PM
Building Medical Education Telemedicine (MET) building
Room 204
Units 4

Course Syllabus

Week Date Topic Lecturer Lecture Slides Practical Materials
1 01/06/15 Databases Pertinent to Human Health Sergei Kosakovsky Pond Lecture1.pdf Practical1 (Word Document)
2 01/13/15 Sequence Acquisition and Alignment Sergei Kosakovsky Pond Lecture2.pdf Practical2 (Word Document)
3 01/20/15 Evolution of Human Pathogens I Joel O. Wertheim Lecture3.pdf Practical3.pdf hivalign.fas hivtree_best.nwk
4 01/27/15 Evolution of Human Pathogens II Konrad Scheffler Lecture4.pdf Practical4.pdf
5 02/03/15 Molecular Epidemiology Joel O. Wertheim Lecture5.pdf Practical5.pdf ebola.nex
6 02/10/15 Midterm Exam Midterm.pdf
7 02/17/15 Functional Genomics I Jason A. Young Lecture7.pdf Practical7.pdf
8 02/24/15 Functional Genomics II Jason A. Young Lecture8.pdf Practical8.pdf
9 03/03/15 Pathogen Genomics Sergei Kosakovsky Pond Lecture9.pdf Bacterial Genomics.doc
10 03/10/15 The Human Genome and Genetic Diseases Sergei Kosakovsky Pond
11 03/17/15 Final Exam


Attendance 10%
Homework/Practicals 50%
Midterm 10%
Final 30%
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